CASL Cure is the only fully automated and integrated solution
that gives your business all the tools necessary to comply with
all aspects of CASL (Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation).

The Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation

Under CASL (Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation), every commercial email sent to a recipient in Canada — not just bulk email, but all email: one-to-one, one-to-many and either B2B or B2C — requires all three of the following, all the time:

  • Every sender of an email must be able to prove they had consent — express or reasonably implied — to send the email BEFORE the email was sent. And the various timeframes associated with different consent types must be tracked and recorded as well.
  • Every email sent must contain proper corporate identification.
  • All emails must have a built-in unsubscribe mechanism.

Check the email you send: are you in compliance?

Why is Compliance
So Difficult?

Complying with all 3 main areas of CASL is made significantly more challenging due to companies having to manage, co-ordinate and integrate compliance with:

  • Multiple geographic locations;
  • Various platforms and system integrations;
  • Multiple email contact databases (for individuals and divisions);
  • A wide variety of device types (smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops etc.).

It is virtually impossible to be fully compliant with all aspects of CASL, all the time, for all emails, while facing all these variables without a fully automated and integrated solution.

CASL Cure is the only fully automated and integrated solution on the market.

CASL Cure's unique, patented design gives our customers the tools they need to become compliant, stay compliant and, most importantly prove compliance with CASL.

Irrespective of device type, geographic location, database source or platform, CASL Cure ensures all your corporate emails meet all three main requirements of CASL:

  • Consent is tracked and monitored;
  • Every email sent has a fully functioning and compliant unsubscribe capability built into it;
  • All emails have the requisite corporate ID.